A DSLR Camera Stabilizer Load Vest That You Can Actually Afford 0

Creating awesome videos with steadicam type of shots requires a special camera stabilizer and a skilled cameraman. We may have the skills but we might not have the dough to afford the kind of rigs that usually come in a vest with an iso-elastic arm. That’s where the new Single ISO Arm Camera Load Vest System comes in.

The load vest features a simple design with a thinner chest plate and one knob to adjust its height. Its single arm comes with 14 high-precision bearing and can be used together with a handheld stabilizer.

Here are some of its key features:

  • The fixing knob can be used to adjust height of the vest.
  • With two connection arm and one shock absorption arm.
  • The load arm can be inserted into the slots of the vest easily.
  • The inner diameter of handle is 16mm, which connected with the arm pin.
  • Magic arm with elasticity adjusting knob.
  • The high precision bearings are designed based on human hand simulation, to achieve flexible operation.
  • The arm can be connected to the vest port quickly.
  • Allows high and low angle shooting.
  • Can be extended more features and functions.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.

If you want to try this new rig, you can get the Single ISO Arm Camera Load Vest System for around $400 at eBay.