7 Useful Photography Tips From A Reuters Photojournalist (Video) 0

Damir Sagolj, a staff photographer for Reuters since 1997, and the chief photographer in Thailand, has created a video where he shared his seven photojournalism tips. The photography tips are based from Sagolj’s many years of working as a photojournalist.

In summary, the seven tips that are covered includes the ability to anticipate, research, reach out, prioritize, practice, interact, and be invisible.

For the first tip, Sagolj emphasized the importance of really knowing your camera:

Play and shoot much more before you are in a situation to shoot important pictures. Because if you haven’t tried this before, if you don’t know this, when the moment happens, the moment is going to go past you, and you will to be struggling with your camera, with your f-stop, with your exposure, and the thing will be gone before you realize what you have to do. So you really want to shoot a lot before the real moment comes.

To learn each of the tips from Sagolj, watch the video below:

If you want to also learn more about the photojournalist behind the tips, you can check out Sagolj’s blog on Reuters.