645 PRO iPhone App Saves Lossless Images Before They’re Compressed 0

You can do a lot of things with your iPhone. This is probably something you already know, since you’ve already gone out and bought one.

However, although it does churn out some pretty decent images, the iPhone isn’t really know for its camera. By the time you view them, the images have already been compressed, which ultimately affects the image quality. But now there’s an app that’s setting out to change this: 654 PRO.

645 Pro

The photography and processing app lets users access the lossless output of the iPhone’s camera right after the image is taken. This feature sets the app apart from most camera apps, which only process images after they have already been compressed by the phone.

What the app does is save the pre-compression camera output as a .TIFF file; these files can then be access via iTunes. 645 PRO also offers spot metering and exposure, focus and white balance lock, as well as film simulation and aspect ratio options.

Here’s a rundown of some of the features:

  • Maximum image quality – 645 PRO develops high-quality JPEGs including a completely “lossless” JPEG option.
  • Intuitive handling – 645 PRO has all its controls “on-camera,” providing instant access to everything.
  • Spot metering – With 645 PRO you can choose between the standard Multi-Zone metering approach or more targeted Spot metering.
  • Low-light performance – In Night Mode 645 PRO has shutter speeds of up to 1 second, which can open up even the darkest evening scene.
  • Interchangable backs – With five backs, 645 PRO can deliver all the leading medium format ratios from square to panoramic.
  • Professional film modes – 645 PRO has seven color and B&W film modes inspired by classic film stock.
  • Interchangable focusing screens – Choose between crosshairs, Rule of Thirds, or an architectural grid; keeping everything horizontal with the split-screen spirit level.
  • Real-time histogram – See how your image is balanced across five stops of exposure—even before you’ve taken it!

645 PRO is available on iTunes for $2.99.

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