570 Megapixel Camera Designed To Take Photos Of The Universe 0

The camera is considered as Earth’s most powerful imaging device ever made. Dubbed as the Dark Energy Camera, the photographic wonder was built through the efforts of scientists from three continents and the monetary funding of more than 20 scientific institutions.

The camera features 74 CCD sensors and measures the same size as that of a regular phone booth. It was made with one simple goal: to fully understand why our universe is rapidly expanding. It means that the camera is going to accomplish the biggest galaxy survey in the history of mankind, which will begin this coming December.

This an image taken by the Dark Energy Camera of the center of the globular star cluster 47 Tucanae, which is around 17,000 light years away from our planet.

“This will be the largest galaxy survey of its kind, and the galaxy shapes and positions will tell us a great deal about the nature of the physical process that we call Dark Energy, but do not currently understand,” according to Professor Will Percival of Portsmouth University.

The cosmic camera is reportedly worth around $40 million. It can be found at the Atacama Desert and mounted on a Blanco telescope in Chile.