500px Undercuts Flickr Pro by Offering More Features for Less 0

Most people know Flickr as Yahoo!’s free website that offers image hosting for amateur and professional photographers alike; however, Flickr also offers a Pro option for those users who want unlimited uploads and a few other worthwhile features. And while Flickr continues to add features — most recently putting up a Picnik substitute — image hosting website and Flickr competitor 500px have just announced an update that might make a dent in Flickr Pro’s user base.

This latest update creates a new, middle-of-the-road plan that lands somewhere between 500px’s Free and Awesome plans. The new plan is called their “Plus” plan and, for only $19.95 per year (5$ less than Flickr Pro), users get everything they would get with Yahoo!’s service plus the ability to sell their prints via 500px’s own marketplace.

There are a few other features that also make 500px stand out — namely, their users will be able to better track their photos’ statistics — but for the most part this is the website’s way of throwing down the gauntlet to Flickr Pro, and inviting anybody who wants to pay 5$ less per year to jump ship.

Now we just have to see how Flickr will react.

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