$50,000 Limited Edition Hermès Leica M9-P Makes Debut 1

Those of you with boatloads of cash and nothing to blow it on might want to check out the Leica Limited Edition Hermès M9-P for, get this, $50,000. Of course, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering Leica is notorious for pushing out high-priced limited edition cameras. In other words, if you drive a Bugatti Veyron and want your camera to reflect that, Leica is probably where you want to look.

To be fair, the Hermès Leica M9-P is quite beautiful: its body is wrapped in ‘Veau Swift’ calfskin leather (the same material used to make the shoulder strap) for a very aesthetically pleasing effect. In fact, the camera’s entire design including the top deck, shutter speed dial, shutter release and more are all the result of a collaboration with automotive designer Walter de’Silva. This, added to the calfskin leather, will eliminate any chance of confusing the Hermès Edition Leica M9-P  with a traditional Leica M9-P.

But, at $50,000, just the camera and a fancy shoulder strap can’t be all that’s included, right? Luckily, that’s completely correct as $50,000 will net buyers several different lenses including the Leica Summicron-M 22mm f/ 2 ASPH, a hand-finished Hermes camera bag and even a photo book by Jean-Louis Dumas.

But if the price tag wasn’t off-putting enough, take note that there will only be 100 units produced. These two points coupled together make for a highly exclusive rig that will be very hard to come by indeed. Add to that the fact that Leica is making buyers sign a contract that says they won’t resell the camera for 2-years after purchase and the chances of ever seeing one in person diminish into near oblivion.