5 Must Have DSLR Accessories Of 2012 0

So, you have finally gone ahead and upgraded from the generic point and shooter to a spanking new DSLR. Well, congratulations on your shiny new purchase, but don’t tuck in the wallet yet, as there is still some shopping left.

When it comes to photography accessories, one is completely spoiled for choice and it is a daunting task to pick from lenses, filters, diffusers, cases etc. Listed below are some essential photography accessories, which every photographer should invest in.

Camera Bag

The most obvious choice, but something which most of us falter when choosing it. Before buying a camera bag, make sure it suits your needs and is also big enough to accommodate all your gear. It should also meet  the carry-on requirements of most airlines and should have a stable structure.

Our pick – The new MiniBee-120 PL Backpack from Kata Bags.


Note, these are different from the traditional tripod and now with DSLRs offering HD video, also essential. Steadicams are compact and can be easily mounted on a DSLR for recording footage.

Our pick – The Merlin 2, which was unveiled at CES 2012.

Neck Straps

Most of us don’t think twice about straps, but lets be honest, OEM straps have been designed to be uncomfortable. Go for a padded neck strap, which is made from quality fabric.

Our Pick – The BlackRapid RS-5 Strap

A Lens Pen

No, the air blower won’t always work like a charm, so purchase a lens pen, which creatures a brush for the dust and a cleaning tip as well.


Our Pick – The LensPEN Lens Cleaning System

Advance Memory Card

Go for a memory card that offers cutting-edge features like wireless capabilities. If the memory card is Wi-Fi enabled, then you can wirelessly and automatically upload digital photos to a local computer, social networking sites and also Youtube,

Our Pick – The Eye-Fi Memory Card Series