3DHD at a distance: DEV-5 Binoculars 0

The DEV-5 is for those times that you’re not sufficiently satisfied with either Binoculars, Camera’s, Video Cameras, 3d Camera’s, 3d Video Camera’s etc. etc. Now, if you can get over the fact that these look somewhere between Wally® and a Storm Trooper®, you’ll notice that Sony has dropped a pretty tasty piece of kit on the market. Sony has announced a sturdy pair of Binoculars with all the features of a mid range 3DHD camera… But you’ll also have to climb over the fact that it costs approx. Two Grand, USD.

Sony DEV 5 3DHD Binoculars

Just realized she spent $2K

I love the idea of this device, perhaps because it reminds me of so many futuristic movies I’ve seen.  I’m also a big fan of devices that are hybrids of other devices (flying cars, washer/drier etc.).  The specs aren’t so bad either.  The DEV5 packs a punch with 20x zoom, CMOS sensor, two separate lenses and eyepieces, AF, image stabilization, and GPS… But according to Wired, you’ll have to use all these brilliant features in the space of the three hour battery life, which really is a shame.

[Sony Dev 5]