1923 Leica Camera Sold for $2.79 Million 2

This O-series Leica camera, which was released as a prototype nearly a century ago, recently sold for $2.79 million at the 21st WestLicht Camera Auction in Vienna. It has broken the record for the most expensive camera at present, even though the specialists thought it would sell at around $775, 000.

This vintage Leica camera has now become the most expensive camera in the world. The previous record breaking sale was this exact same model, although it sold for about half the price of this one. Only 12 out of the 25 models produced by Leica exist today.  This record sale indicates that vintage photographic materials will still hold their value in generations to come.

It is fascinating to see that interest in older photographic materials is still alive and well, and that collectors are willing to fork out the money to purchase these older items. The record breaking price at which the 1923 Leica camera was sold also indicates the value and quality of Leica’s old camera models.

Check out the video below for the action packed sale 😉

Photos shared by Westlicht Gallery