1919 Piccolette Camera Attached to Canon 5DMKII Yields Stunning Photos 0

Photographer’s creativity never ceases to amaze me, and I hope it stays that way. In the past we’ve seen massive folding cameras, photos whose trash speaks for itself, and even great macro shots taken using nothing more than an iPhone camera and some water.

This creation takes the cake though. Director Jason Bognacki had two things: A 1919 Contessa-Nettel Piccolette folding camera, and a 5D Mark II. When he decided to find out if the old Piccolette still had the ability to take great shots, instead of trying to restore/pry the life out of the vintage camera itself, he hacked it onto his 5D Mark II and used it as a lens.

The combination admittedly looks a little bit ridiculous, but in the best ways. And as far as the results, well they speak for themselves. The crispness of the 93-year-old lens is astonishing, even at 100% crop:


You can check out more of the photos on Jason Bognacki’s tumblr, and if you happen to have a nearly hundred year old camera sitting around gracing one of your shelves, well now you have some idea as to what you could do to put it to good use. Happy Hacking.

[Today’s Tomorrow via The Verge]